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Data-driven marketing for ad campaign success

What makes an ad campaign successful? We know a pretty picture and a few generic key words about your brand or product won’t cut it.

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Get your website up to speed with a CDN

Want a fast, efficient, and visible website? Then stop pointing fingers at the Wi-Fi every time the loading circle of death appears and look to

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Welcome to MODLX – New world social leads

In the case of paid social and lead generation, imagine this! Let’s go back a few years – or should I say a few million

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JAW Digital: Our progress so far…

How are we doing? Ever since we were put into quarantine, Covid-19 has turned us into a nation of isolation and continues to have a

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FREE Graphic Design Tutorial

Here are the details to access Zoom for our screen share Wayne Berry is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Topic: JAW Digital Tutorial

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Keep Going Altrincham!

It seems that the Coronavirus (or Corvid-19) is causing a lot of trouble these days and in light of the announcement yesterday given by the

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Get your phones out and start texting, calling, snapping – any way you can to spread the word that mobile-first indexing will officially take shape

AI in Digital Marketing

It’s the start of a new decade and it seems like digital marketing is only going to get bigger and better, especially with regards to

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Hear ye, hear ye, the January 2020 Core Google Algorithm Update has finally arrived and it’s here to make some big changes! This is typical

Christmas Marketing Tips

Without a doubt, Christmas is a busy time for everyone – buying last minuet Christmas presents, eating as much turkey as possible, and listening to

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