MODLX packages – Let’s explain.

Heard about our most intelligently designed social lead generation model to date, MODLX? If you haven’t, then stop what you’re doing, click here and read all about it first!

Phew! Now that’s out of the way, you’re probably curious as to what each of our tailored ad campaign packages mean. Sure, in the end, guaranteed, highly qualified leads are what makes this paid social soup of success taste so delicious – and has done for many of our clients.

But, like any recipe for success, you’ve got to get the ingredients (or features in this case) right to take an ad campaign to a whole other level. By targeting a specific demand using the latest trends and search data, we are able to create highly engaging, relevant ads that’ll really whet the appetite of your audience – something worth sinking your teeth into if you’re looking to improve brand awareness.

So, without further ado, let’s jump into the main 6 features of our MODLX packages.

MODLX data defined campaign, content, and copy

We’ve previously mentioned about the many benefits of data-driven marketing, and we weren’t kidding when we said data can help to drive your decision-making processes.

With our lead gen model, we conduct an extensive analysis of your current digital presence by collecting valuable data surrounding your marketplace, demographic, content type and performance in order to create an effective ad campaign.

As a result, this influences ad copy and content by integrating specific keywords and visuals into your ads – keeping messaging consistent across your landing pages, social media and increasing your conversion rate.

Targeting & ad group and audience development

Knowing whom your ad will appeal to and ultimately buy your service or product is essential. That’s why when you choose one of our MODLX packages, we learn all about your consumers to further maximise engagement.

Those who make up your ad groups share similar characteristics including, buying habits, location and lifestyle which helps us to tailor each of your ad groups in accordance with developing trends and performance.

Dashboard integration & tracking

Imagine being able to pull data from multiple platforms with a single interface – well that’s exactly what dashboard integration is.

All of your KPIs can be viewed at any time, displaying critical metrics from your Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter or any other social channel.

From this, we can make even more accurate decisions on how to tweak the ads to fit the performance of your campaign as it develops.

Live chat/messenger bot integration (conversational marketing)

If you decide to choose our XL Large Companies package, then you’ll have the opportunity to invest in conversational marketing with our live chat/messenger bot integration feature.

According to Intercom, “Prospects who chat are 82% more likely to convert than non-chatters”. People want to speak with humans, not robots about your products and resolving any issues. This makes your business more credible, trustworthy and satisfies customers all around.  

Website landing page/technical updates

Again, our XL Large Companies package offers to create a dedicated PPC website landing page for directing visitors to a carefully selected CTA (usually in the shape of a button or form) alongside any technical updates required to enhance the user journey.

This will outline all of your key services or products, including testimonials, accreditations as well as unique branding, logos, imagery, and keywords.


Finally, no ad campaign would be complete without doing in-depth reporting of your overall campaign performance and engagement, traffic, content, social, advertising – the lot! This can be done monthly for Xi Small business and Xii SMESmall to Medium, and weekly for XL Large Companies and XX Corporate.

So, are you interested in what MODLX has to offer for your business? Get in touch for a free demo today! All MODLX packages come with multi-level qualification which is constantly being reviewed to improve efficiency every time.