TikTok your way to marketing success

It’s important to make every second count in the digital marketing world for brands and agencies to stay relevant, engaging and one step ahead of their competitors.

However, when it comes to outside-of-the-box marketing, businesses might want to take a look at the latest and coolest platform that has taken the world by storm, TikTok.

For the small percentage of those who don’t know what this is (either that or you’ve been living under a rock), no we’re not talking about an app that tells the time, but rather a story.

Let us explain!

Being left to our own devices in recent months during lockdown, people have searched for alternative ways of amusement – baking banana bread, trying a new fitness regime at home, doing a bit of gardening … or perhaps becoming entertainers themselves!

With 115m global downloads back in March 2020 and 3.7 million active users in the UK alone, it’s no surprise TikTok continues to grow in capturing people’s creativity and stories as they happen, all with one press and hold of a big red button.

The best part is that no video is the same, which makes this app a one of a kind tool to help brands boost their engagement levels with a community of like-minded people and showcase their identity with niche, innovative content unseen on a regular basis.

From a marketer’s point of view, altering your strategies to fit the short, snappy, and fun mould of TikTok means understanding the interests, viewing habits/preferences of your target audience for a successful campaign. Mainly appealing to Generation Z and millennials,  people between the age of 16 and 24, make up 41% of the total user-base.

Obviously, if you think your business ties in with a younger demographic, then you’ll be in a much better position to get a head start on advertising your products or services. Does this mean you can’t market to others? Of course not!

Simply creating an account to share TikTok videos on other social media platforms or taking advantage of its features to create your own video content opens up a treasure trove of opportunities.

So, how can you TikTok your way to marketing success?

Hashtags, hashtags everywhere

We all know this little symbol right here # has the power to amplify the visibility and reach of your content to gain new followers. Don’t just use any old hashtag, otherwise it will get lost.

Instead, why not create one to encourage followers to use for their own posts and earn loads of user-generated content to implement into other campaigns – make sure it’s simple yet memorable as well as specific to your sector.

Like a good challenge? Try participating in Hashtag challenges for maximum exposure and welcoming users to join in on the fun – who knows, you could end up going viral!

Immersive advertising

After launching TikTok for Business, brands have the chance to play around with it’s advertising system in measuring audience growth and real-time ad performance tracking.

Nobody likes to be bored, and TikTok does the exact opposite in keeping viewers glued to their screen with a range of advertising options, including:

TopView: Fullscreen 60-second video ads to capture user’s attention to the fullest as soon as the app opens.

Brand Takeover: Static images, GIFs, or 3-5 second videos that literally takeover your phone or tablet, with a link to your webpage or shop.

In-Feed Ads: Skippable ads integrated with other videos. These come with multiple options too.

Branded Effects: Filters, stickers, and special effects galore on this platform to express your message in the most interactive way possible.

Collaborate with influencers

Influencers have built up quite the reputation for helping themselves and other brands to broadcast their message to a niche audience. They’re very likely to encourage millions of followers around the world to engage in your campaign or buy your products at a higher rate and boost brand awareness tenfold.

Calvin Klein for example used #MyCalvins and interviewed a bunch of celebrities like Shawn Mendez and ASAP Rocky whilst wearing one of their signature items. Obviously, these are big league businesses, but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t do something similar.

But choose wisely, as you want to partner with influencers that speak your language for genuine followers and conversions. Check out the creator marketplace

Be fun. Be you.

Finally, and most importantly, have fun and be authentic! TikTok praises those for being true to who they are with a sprinkle of entertainment and laughter thrown into the mix. Traditional advertising methods are a no go on this platform as consumers (and the next generation) like content that’s straight to the point, funny and cool.

For achieving a high ROI, bringing a sense of relatability to your brand, whilst still being able to inform them of your products or services is a winning combination.

At JAW, we continue to deliver engaging, targeted, high-quality content for all our clients from a wide variety of sectors as part of our slick social lead generation model – MODLX 

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