What makes a landing page for your PPC campaign great?

Every marketer knows that a landing page is an essential component of a PPC campaign.

However, what makes a landing page great? According to TrueList 2020 , you only have 8 seconds to make an impression on a landing page. Grabbing people’s attention from the get-go requires you to carefully craft content, imagery, CTA’s etc. into one out-of-this-world page – no pressure then! But with the continued uncertainty surrounding the pandemic affecting business models and budgets, it’s important to maximise your PPC spend to the fullest.

Firstly, what is your aim?

Who do you want to reach? And what sort of message are you wanting to promote? Unlike webpages, think of these as guiding stars directing users to a specific service, promotional offer, or product. In other words, having a defined, singular goal that aligns to your ad (whether that’s from Facebook, GoogleAds, Instagram or email) and branding will help to shape your landing page.

Headlines that pop!

Now that part is out of the way, it’s time to think of a way to keep people’s eyes to the prize with an effective headline. This is essentially your strapline for the service or product your selling. But crazy, confusing, abstract wordplay won’t get you far here!

Key points to consider:

  • Be direct with a sentence or two that packs a punch on why people should invest, buy or get in touch.
  • Be relevant to your ad text to ensure consistency throughout as this is what drew visitors to it in the first place.
  • Be valuable to viewers in offering them exactly what they’re looking for. This could be done through a USP (unique selling point) that makes your product or service different, a statistic or answering a question with a simple explanation in the subheading.

Take a look at the homepage from Campaign Monitor as a good example of how to structure your headline. Its catchy strapline gives an overview of what they are selling (Drive results with unforgettable email marketing), coupled with an explanation of the service and its benefits (straightforward email marketing and automation tools), and a final CTA at the end encouraging users to ‘sign up for free’ or ‘learn more’.

Cool visuals and copy

So, you’ve got a good headline in place, but humans are also visual creatures, and nothing makes a landing page more attractive ore enticing than some wow factor graphics, images, videos, illustrations – the list goes on!

These allow you upsell your services and maximise the user-journey even further to get those all-important conversions. Want to highlight key information, stats, or make your ‘how to’ guide more engaging? Visme reports how “Visuals like charts, graphics, color design and images increase readership by 80%

Bespoke landing page design and visual aids to reflect your ad, branding, and what the visitor wants is always a win-win. Shopify’s  free trial below uses a couple of cohesive images in the centre of the page to highlight how you can browse a range of products via mobile or tablet, meanwhile the icons above each explanation help to tie into the colour scheme and make the benefits stand out.

Compelling copy is another string to add to your bow. Content must be written in a way that persuades, informs, and convinces people to take action. In other words, connect with your audience on a personal level. For example, using the word ‘you’ addresses visitors directly, whilst adding a sense of humour to your writing (if appropriate) humanises your business – nobody likes robotic language.

Top tip: Be concise and choose your wording wisely as lengthy sentences have a tendency to drag on and readers can become quickly bored.

A clear CTA

Finally, just like how you would approach your headline, a clear and simple CTA that is on brand with what your advertising throughout your social ads, blogs, emails etc. will make for a seamless experience. These can exist within your headline as a button eg: ‘download your free guide’ or work as a contact form.

The key point here is to be bold, bright and clever with how it is presented. Even personalising the CTA to fit in with your target audience’s location or interests is a great way for an interactive user-experience and collect available lead generation data.

Want to get converting with a kick-ass PPC landing page? JAW Digital are here to get your ad reaching for the stars with an out of this world campaign.  Get in touch by calling us on and let’s get chatting!