The Benefits of Location-Based Marketing

Want to improve your marketing strategies? Looking to reach your target audience at the right time and place? Then you my friend need to invest in location-based marketing.

This isn’t some revolutionary new concept. In fact, it is easier than ever before for businesses to utilise real-time geolocation data into their marketing strategies. According to the ’s (LBMA) fifth annual Global Location Trends 2020 report, 46% of companies are engaging with local targeting in order to promote their services and effectively connect with potential customers.

For example, it’s lunchtime and Mary is looking for a bite to eat. She passes by a local Indian restaurant, and thanks to enabled location settings, a pop up message or ad appears on their mobile device about a meal deal that’s currently on offer. BOOM! Your business is one step closer to achieving a higher RIO and increasing brand awareness, whereas Mary can enjoy tasty chicken tikka misala – everyone’s a winner!

So, what are some of the benefits of location-based marketing to stay ahead of the curve? Let’s find out!

Delivering relevant ads

Behavioural data allows businesses to fine-tune their local targeting tactics on a whole other level, mapping out consumer demographics and psychographics – interests, jobs, age, lifestyle, commute time, where they frequently shop, alongside identifying their postcode, GPS signal or zip code level via IP address or device ID.

Using geolocation data in this way to identify consumer insights within your catchment region works great, especially for local businesses that operate brick-and-mortar stores in attracting key people near their establishments, whilst excluding those who don’t fit the mould in the process – otherwise known as geotargeting and geofencing.

Growth in customer base

As a result, location-based marketing supported by compelling social content is one of the best ways to grow your following across al channels and attract both new and existing customers to your brand both online and offline. As they say, word of mouth travels fast, and with the ability to not only make your advertising precise, it also fosters trust and helps to grow a loyal customer base.

Improves UX and SEO rankings

These days, having good customer service or a quality product is simply not enough to entice audiences to your brand. In all forms of marketing or advertising, user-journey is important because it’s more than likely people will want to return to your services if your website, ad or app is tailored to their preferences.

Customer recall and response can be used to build on a campaign message or devise the right call to action in order to motive users to interact and boost conversion rates on top.

Additionally, including targeted, local keywords in your website’s content and meta-data will help you rank higher in the search engine page results. Google My Business is another brilliant SEO tool to manage your online presence in further optimising your business’s location and product/service categories outside of an app or website.

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