Work experience at JAW Digital – graphic design student reveals all!

Hi, I’m Sophie and I recently finished my GCSEs at Rainford High. For the past three days, I have been doing work experience here at JAW Digital. I wanted to learn more about digital marketing and social media management, as these are so commonly used now, and thought JAW would be the perfect place to learn – and it turns out it was!

During my first day at JAW I learnt lots of valuable information. After I was greeted by Julaine, Wayne, Rebecca and Brandon, Julaine gave me a brief introduction to JAW and set me up with my first task – researching current clients. With my laptop and courtesy notebook, I began looking into a range of companies JAW Digital work with.  This gave me an insight not only into what each individual company does but also showed me the calibre of companies JAW works with. From my research, I also learnt about the services JAW provides for them which was very useful for the rest of my time at JAW.

After completing my first task, Wayne gave me two design tasks. The first was to design a logo for a company JAW works worth, this gave me an opportunity to not only learn about and use new software but to also show my creative side. The second task I was given was to design a template for a company’s recipe card. This also gave me a chance to use new software and learn more about what JAW does. As a GCSE graphics student and future A-Level graphic design student these tasks really interested me as it built on work I had done before.

Also during my time at JAW, I designed a logo for an app JAW Digital are developing, I really enjoyed this task as it allowed me to experiment with new software and different ideas. Julaine also tasked me with creating social media posts for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, to promote the services JAW provide. This gave me more knowledge of social media management as I had to base the post off their brand. Throughout my placement at JAW I received feedback on my designs. This is very useful to me as it allowed me to develop my ideas and it gave me an understanding of what companies look for in digital designs.

I have really enjoyed the three days here at JAW and I have learnt about new software I can use to develop my graphic ideas, I have also developed my understanding of digital marketing and social media management. I have also found it interesting to see the type of office environment JAW work in and the diverse client range they work with. I am now looking forward to studying graphic design, business and history at A-Level, which will hopefully lead me into a career that has something to do with design. Thanks again JAW, see you soon, Sophie.