Why you need SEO to help protect your brand

Customers and potential customers will seek information about your brand online and if you’re not being proactive with your SEO, either in-house or with an agency’s help, someone else will provide this information and you relinquish control of your brand message.

Kyle Eggleston, from SearchEnglineLand.com explained the impact of local SEO on the brand: “People blame your brand, not Google, when wrong information is displayed in the local search results.”

Below we’ve listed the top three reasons why it’s important to appear in the search results for queries relating to your brand:

  1. Customers who are searching for your opening hours, your company or shop address or your phone number rely on, and trust, Google’s information.Incorrect information will lead to a negative brand experience and may lead them to contact competitors who are displaying accurate information in their listings.
  2. You may have built an app to improve a particular element of your service, however, if you’re app is hard to find you’re risking a negative brand experience once again
  1. Brand query typos and related terms can provide your competitors with opportunities to capitalise on your brand.  These sneaky brands or brand agencies could use domains and common typos for your domain to intercept traffic meant for you.

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