What does the Google Core Update June 2019 mean for SEO and page rankings?

Google announced a core update on June 2nd – a change to the way they rank their search results, but not for any particular technical reason.

It’s fairly unusual for Google to announce a core update in this way, but it’s something they are doing more often using their SearchLiaison account on Twitter.

For webmasters it’s something of a challenge. Whereas you know what to fix when an update is technical in nature – such as creating a mobile-ready website or migrating from http to https – a core update offers less certainty.

So what did the Google Core Update June 2019 do for rankings, and what can you do to recover if you were affected?


The Google Core Update had visible effects

The Google Core Update began to roll out on June 3rd and the major SEO blogs were quick to report changes in ranking, traffic numbers and so on.

A day later on June 4th, the man who runs SearchLiaison, Danny Sullivan, explained that this was to be expected – and is the reason why Google had announced this update at all.

Remember that Google make minor changes to their ranking algorithms on a daily basis, so for an update to get its own announcement, it was always likely to have obvious effects on many websites’ rankings.


What can I do about the Google Core Update?

If your search performance was hit by the Google Core Update June 2019, first of all it’s important to realise that you can’t implement a technical ‘quick fix’ to recover.

There’s no one issue to resolve, you can’t just install a security certificate or tweak your template – it’s more general than that.

One thing you can always do to maximise your chances of a good search results ranking is to publish regular, relevant, well written content.

Slight variations are seen over time in terms of keyword density and placement, page length and so on, but generally speaking, a good length, well written page will always have a strong chance of ranking highly.

If you feel that your current website content is outdated or was perhaps never written as well as it might have been in the first place, the June 2019 Google Core Update is the perfect excuse to refresh your site content or add to it with some new in-depth pieces.

Not only will this help to recover any lost rankings, but it could also insert new pages into the search results, capitalising on the recent upheaval to land you in some top-ranking positions on primary keywords you have not targeted before.

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