Welcome to MODLX – New world social leads

In the case of paid social and lead generation, imagine this!

Let’s go back a few years – or should I say a few million years – to a primitive world, where useless, irrelevant social leads roamed the land and only the carnivorous agency owners or so-called experts profited.

Suddenly a comet from outer space strikes and a new world of data driven, high quality, qualified, social leads rises from the ashes!

That is exactly what MODLX is – a sleek, accurate and innovative social lead generation model from the future bringing you relevant, highly engaging ads that fulfil the specific demands of your audience with advanced targeting.

How you may ask? By using the latest trends, search data and ‘listening’ to the conversations orbiting your products and services, MODLX optimises and scales your advertising campaigns for out of this world leads and engagement via our clients very own social channels! 

But don’t just take our word for it! Our case studies speak for themselves, working with a wide range of clients across a galaxy of sectors including dentures, cosmetic, antiques, kitchens and more!

One of the latest wins for JAW was delivering 131 qualified hair transplant leads to our client over a 30 day period, arming our client with information about what service they were interested in, a preferred method of contact and the correct contact information.

Now that’s not your every day, run of the mill social lead generation model and at a fraction of the cost per lead too.

Speaking of models, we have 4 tailored ad campaign packages for you to choose from – no matter the shape and size of your business.

We deliver:

  • Guaranteed leads
  • No contract
  • Low cost per lead
  • Ultra-relevant audiences
  • High quality content
  • 100% transparency
  • Incredible ROI
  • In-depth reports

Touch base with us and hop aboard the MODLX mothership to reach new audiences and drive your business’s performance to new heights that you never thought possible!

For a chat about our social leads model and a free demo go visit MODLX now!