Optimising your site for voice-search

With an ever-increasing rise in voice searches, prompted by the mainstream popularity of personal assistants such as Amazon’s Echo, here are our top tips for optimising your website for this increasingly important search method:

  1. Add a Q & A or FAQ page to your website – this kind of content will help field a lot of voice searched questions
  2. Add natural language to your web content – think about how people will actually phrase their questions when searching for your service or product and brainstorm long tail keywords that people would use in their spoken searches. You can also use “search queries” in Analytics for inspiration – this will show you search queries visitors have actually used to find you
  3. Must be mobile-friendly – voices searches are mostly made on mobile so ensure your site is mobile friendly
  4. Submit your sitemap – this ensures Google has a clear picture of the layout and content of your site
  5. Google/Bing Business – ensure your business is listed on Google Business and Bing Place for Business – this helps with “near me” searches
  6. Get technical – adding microdata, rich snippets etc will give the search engines more information as to what your site and your business is all about.

We’re working with our current clients to ensure they’re sorted with voice search, and we’d be happy to help you with your search solutions – just give usa call on 0161 941 3469.