The Purge is coming … for fake followers

Will your business survive purge night? Don’t panic we’re not talking about a night of legalised crime, we’re talking about the Instagram purge of fake followers. Earlier this week the social media app announced that they were going to crackdown on fake accounts and delete them in order to create a more organic audience. This is actually a good thing, and we’re going to show you why in this blog….

At JAW we are proud to be creeping our way up to 500 Instagram followers this week since we value quality over quantity and have grown an organic audience of potential leads over time. Not that we like to brag, but we’re trained killers in social media and know a thing or two about growing followers organically, so stay put with your doors and windows locked and get a load of this.

Don’t let them ruin your killer rep

Your organisation has worked hard to gain the badass reputation that you have, so don’t compromise this by buying fake followers. It might be tempting when you are starting out since it seems like everyone and their creepy masked grandma have more followers than you, but when clients take a look at your Instagram and your 14.5K followers, then notice that your posts are only getting five likes, they will start to get suspicious. Buying followers not only looks bad, it can also dilute your organic audience, which reverses the hard work that you’ve done organically growing your audience.   

Witness the birth of an organic tradition

Your business social media accounts have been created to build awareness and to generate leads, which is exactly the opposite of what bought followers will provide you with. Genuine followers at least have eyeballs to see your posts and therefore the potential to create genuine leads.  Fake followers are like that injured guy you let into your house on purge night only to turn on you … what we mean by this is that fake followers could sabotage you by putting your organic followers off engaging with you when they look through your followers and realise that 12K of them are ‘Buy Followers Fast’ accounts (not cool).

How to ensure your account #SurvivesThePurge

Now that we have warned you of the dangers of buying fake Instagram followers we wanted to give you a few of our tips accumulated over the years to grow your Instagram followers organically to create genuine leads.

Let the weekly posting commence

Ideally your business should be posting to the Gram at least once a week, try to follow this three stage rule; one post, one story and one burst of targeted following at least once a week. By following this three stage process we find the Instagram algorithms pick up our accounts and project our posts on the explore page which boosts our organic following. Posting regularly also keeps your account relevant and up to date which encourages users to follow you and visit your website out of intrigue if nothing else.

An Instagram account reborn

While #PurgingGoals #KillerSquad #MaskSelfie might get annoying, using relevant hashtags and tagging relevant users and locations into your posts is a sure-fire way to projected them onto a wider audience. Targeting the right audience for your business has never been easier than clicking on relevant hashtags and following them so hashtag like your life depends on it.

Happy purging people!

As the Instagram purge begins, we hope we’ve provided you with some reassurance that you can build your Insta audience organically and that no matter what they say, sometimes faking it ‘till you make it is not the way forward. Happy purging everyone, knock ‘em dead!

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