JAW Digital: Our progress so far…

How are we doing?

Ever since we were put into quarantine, Covid-19 has turned us into a nation of isolation and continues to have a dramatic impact on our  day-to-day activities and livelihoods in both small and big ways – a simple trip to the shops feels like a military procedure!

But, as we all stay at home to keep our families, friends and essential workers and NHS staff safe in the fight against the virus, how have we as a business been affected? How have we adapted our work to fit this crazy new world we live in?

Well… here’s how!

  • For the past month, we have been working remotely from home; having multiple zoom team meetings a day via our phones and laptops to communicate with our clients, team and work like a well-oiled machine!
  • We have shifted our focus more towards social content, ads and pitching proposals to new potential clients – looking at the latest trends with top of the range software, e-learning and compiling forecasts and search data.
  • Benefiting our clients and their customers by promoting their services through relevant Covid-19 content
  • Besides offering our usual menu of digital marketing services such SEO, Google Ads, Social Media Management and the production of engaging content, we are also producing free audits for clients, market trend analysis and offering free digital workshops for our social media audiences. 

Clearly JAW is one shark that won’t be beaten by the explosive impact Covid-19 has had upon many digital marketing companies like ourselves! We keep on swimming in the hunt for new businesses that will thrive both short-term and long-term, as well as ensuring that all of our existing and new clients are doing so too!  

So far, we have delivered live campaigns for a pop-up home office bundle, a high-end antique store, a mis-sold investment company, alongside leads for water coolers, emergency dentures, a global beauty brand, video consultations and more!

Now that’s not a bad turnaround!

Taking things to a personal level, we’ve asked members of our team how this experience has changed and developed them in their jobs and life in general!

  • How have you adapted working from home?

Brandon: “Instead of a 5 mile commute, it’s now 5 minutes! Locking myself in a quiet part of the house, whilst listening to music has enabled me to be productive and less distracted.”

Stefan: “I’ve created a workspace that is free from distraction! This has enabled me to be more productive and have better time management.”

Jevita: “By keeping my head in the game and making sure communication remains consistent with my team mates and clients. I also enjoy being surrounded by my plants whilst I work in creating a fresh, chilled-out workspace! ”

Sadie: “ I’ve created a new routine at home, ensuring that I wake up at the same time, work out, then jump on my laptop! I have even been meditating to help me adjust to the change. Communication is very important too in being well connected with the team on text, calls and zooms so we can help to move projects forward.”

Maddy: “Created a separate, quiet workspace, where I have been able to set up my laptop and concentrate on my tasks. I’ve also kept myself active during work days by taking my dog for a walk during lunch time and getting some much needed fresh air.”

  • How have you helped clients during Covid-19?

Brandon: “Due to the importance of speed, I am always on hand to respond to their emails and messages as well as rearranging their content on websites and social media pages so users are completely aware of how their business is operating.”  

Stefan: “I have pro-actively studied data, detected searched trends and informed the businesses that would thrive under the circumstances.”

Jevita: “Keeping communication levels high to make them aware of our progress and tailoring their content to the virus and linking it back to their core services.”

Sadie: “I have adapted my approach by focusing on how I can help my clients, help their clients. With the new business, getting relevant, high quality leads has become my priority to ensure their business is running.”

Maddy: “I have shifted my focus to researching and altering client content to fit current trends and covid-19. In doing so, I am identifying how they can help their customers during the crisis by offering their specified services to those in need of help.”

  • Anything you have done differently or changed up in your normal work routine?

Brandon: “I usually have a nice, big, messy desk to leave all my papers, sticky notes, PDFs and print outs all over the place! Now I’m much more organised and keeping communication high with Sadie to ensure that any client amends and feedback are in the studio and sent back to the client in less than 24hrs. With this kind of turn around we have been able to set up a whole eCommerce website in less than a month!”

Stefan: “Taking more ownership of new leads, new proposals and new client meetings.”

Jevita: “I have managed to prioritize my work more effectively, especially with lots of new clients coming on board from very niche and technical sectors.”

Sadie: “Higher levels of communication with clients, building new ads to drive sales and using a new piece of software called sprout to create forecasts.”

Maddy: “Working with a new technical client that has pushed me out of my comfort zone , allowing me to take my time to fully research their specialised services, terminology and the topics surrounding their industry. “

  • Any personal achievements or growth from this experience?

Brandon: “Working from home has helped me to realise that in a calmer, quieter environment things come to mind sooner, ideas are thought of faster and actions are made sooner. I genuinely feel the whole face of employment will change post COVID due to the enjoyment people will be getting from home working.”  

Stefan: “I am more self disciplined, more confident, more articulate and even my creative skills are getting tested!”

Jevita: “Pushing myself to stay focused and not get distracted has been an achievement. I’ve also strengthened my ability to get work approved quicker in light of how limited we are. In terms of growth, I’ve managed to increase my intuition to resolve things myself or by calling on the right members of the team for help.”

Sadie: “I have learnt how to add a Facebook pixel into sites, create new ad sets and got lots of new ad campaigns live!”

Maddy: “I have learnt how to use sprout social more for scheduling blogs and writing abbreviated captions and hashtags. Personally, I have strengthened my communication and writing skills, become more confident in my abilities, taking the initiative to communicate more with my team and clients.”

We all miss office life and the banter that comes with it but hopefully we should be back to business as usual soon!

In the meantime, if you’re stuck for ideas, trade has slowed down or are unsure where your product or services may still be needed throughout this tricky period, we can guide you and provide data and evidence of our models accuracy and success!

Free for a chat any time by calling our managing director Wayne Berry on 07940 845323 or send us a quick email at hello@jawdigital.co.uk