Pole Position, a Personal Best, Fastest Lap and Two Race Wins

JAW Digital sponsored racing team, Speight Motorsport, had a hugely successful outing at Oulton Park Race Circuit this weekend.

Speight Motorsport is a family run team, competing in the well-known XR Challenge. A competition that showcases the very best from the British cult classic Ford XR2’s, race tuned to a very high specification.

It was a packed house at Oulton Park with the popular VW fanatics, Dubworth Festival running parallel to the usual race events. The sun was shining, meaning race conditions were perfect and each and every race team had arrived early, ready to battle on the hot tarmac.

After Derek (team mechanic) had ran all the vital checks and last minute tweaks, Greg (driver) set off for qualifying. Qualifying, against a packed field which includes some very experienced and very professional teams, is never easy.

Greg didn’t share that concern and romped home in pole position, a great start for the team.
Race number one came, Greg on pole with two very experienced racers behind him in second and third, one of them being last season’s champion. The rest of us sat on the grass mound at the bottom of the second corner, ready to watch the race unfold, from a great vantage point.

As the field revved their engines, spectators focused their attention firmly on the exit from corner one, just after the home straight and start line.

Three cars came rocketing towards us after leaving the first corner, Greg had made a slow start off the grid and had already slipped down to third, not ideal.

First lap done and Greg had made it back into second position. As we refocused our attention to the exit from corner one we could see how close this battle was becoming as they shot passed us again.

Lap two flew by and as we awaited their passing on lap three we noticed Greg had retaken first and was appearing to pull away. Not only was he pulling away but he had put in an Oulton Park personal best lap, which turned out to be the fastest lap of the day.



oultonAgainst all the odds and some very stiff competition, Greg had put in an almost perfect race and taken the win. Time for the podium, champagne and some photo opportunities. Smiles all round.

Race two was a very similar story but was unfortunately ended after just five laps due to competitor vehicle from another race leaking coolant all over the track, just before a very dangerous chicane.

Luckily for us, Greg was in first position after the last complete lap, lap 4, which meant race two was also in the bag with another win. A perfect day and a great reward for all the hard work and planning that goes into these races.

Up next is the Anglesey Race Circuit, last weekend in May, we’ll share another update via the JAW Digital blog and social media.

JAW Digital & Speight Motorsport