National Poetry Day

A Poem About SEO

It dips and it rises with ranking surprises and leaves us all asking just what it comprises?

Its technical tweaks attract many a geek, while its furious updates have left some on the streets.

This lifeblood online has been changed over time, with a need and a must for a return on budget, you might just fall foul if your team try and fudge it!

Link building came and link building went, now content and sharing is where most time is spent. It has to be natural, it has to be seen, it has to worthy of news, or even more extreme. The viral effect can attract many a click but is that the quality we wish to depict?

However you market, however you manage, whether in German or whether in Spanish, there’s a few basic steps to keep you on track and stay clear of that monster whose hat it is black!

Give JAW a call if you’re stuck in the middle of the tricky, elusive, SEO riddle!

Happy National Poetry Day