My business doesn’t need an Instagram account……why you could be very wrong

“Instagram isn’t right for my business – it’s for the likes of Zoella and memes about Love Island.”  Well, you may be missing out on a huge amount of potential exposure, website traffic and even sales if you don’t embrace this highly popular channel.  Of course, it’s not right for 100% of businesses, but you’d be surprised at the variety of businesses Instagram can add value to on social. There are many reasons why it might be a good avenue for your business and we’ve pulled together a selection of the top 5 reasons why you should be considering this visual social channel for your business:


  1. Instagram influencers are the new generation of celebrities and many Instagram users will follow what they wear, buy or recommend religiously.


Influencers are regular people who post high quality, engaging posts that rack up thousands to millions of likes and followers. Influencers will often promote your brand for a small fee and if you can secure one relevant for your target audience then you’ll be in for a busy few months of increased followers, website visitors and hopefully conversions.


  1. Instagram has 800 million users and who spend more time on it than any other social media platform except Facebook.


This means that even if you think your business is too niche to attract a following on Instagram, there’s bound to be a small community of people who hold the same interest and would engage with it.


  1. It’s free marketing and publicity


Posting on Instagram is free and so it’s the perfect way to alert people to the existence of your business. Having said this, if you do have a budget to spend you can pay for ads which promote your business to people who have an interest in what you do.


  1. Visual content is a good way to build a brand image


Building a brand image is easier with Instagram than other platforms due to its visual layout. This means that posts including the same colour scheme, logo and font will become more easily recognisable as your business. According to Forbes Online, visual content dominates in terms of engagement, meaning that the best way to build your brand image is through visual social media platforms such as Instagram or Pinterest.


  1. Live content sharing is easy on Instagram


Live content sharing on Instagram is easy due to its’ ‘Live Stream’ feature that alerts followers when you are sharing live content and ‘Instagram Stories’ which are perfect for on the go uploading of pictures and videos. These can be captioned and even include polls which encourage follower engagement.


Of course, just having social for the sake of social and either not posting, or posting low quality, irrelevant content can do more harm than good.  It’s important that you understand your audience, what they want to see on social media and what you are trying to achieve through your content to achieve the very best results.  


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