Keep Going Altrincham!

It seems that the Coronavirus (or Corvid-19) is causing a lot of trouble these days and in light of the announcement yesterday given by the man himself Boris Johnson, we’re hearing from lots of local businesses that they are struggling to make a profit and worried about shutting down as a result!

But as the old British saying goes: “Keep calm and carry on!”

That is exactly what we plan to do here at JAW Digital and so should you! As a local digital marketing agency ourselves, we know how tough it can be out there amid the panic and uncertainty, but more importantly to keep going and have the old “stiff upper lip” attitude in the face of adversity.

We’ve launched a campaign in a bid to keep not only the wheels of business turning for as long as possible, but our community, our people, and livelihoods! The #KeepGoingAltrincham campaign encourages you to eat, shop, purchase and drink local – whether that is simply buying a coffee, going for a pint down the pub or buying local produce from the market.

Think of the butterfly effect! Even the smallest action can make a big difference and we need to pull together now more than ever!

If you come across a promotion, post or invite from a business in Altrincham or our surrounding areas, share, share, share and add the hashtag #KeepGoingAltrincham. This way we can access who’s open, who’s still fighting, who has offers on and anybody that needs help and support all from the same hashtag!

Remember to add the hashtag to your own social media posts or stories too – So, let’s get this trending!