Jan 2020 Google Algorithm Update is Here!

Hear ye, hear ye, the January 2020 Core Google Algorithm Update has finally arrived and it’s here to make some big changes!

This is typical of Google to roll out these kind of algorithm updates several times each year in order to give users more relevant and authoritative content as part of the search experience – similar to E-A-T in terms of judging the quality of a web page against other competitors for the best results.

Yet, there have only been a select few to create such an impact on SERP’s.

The sense of uncertainty after its release and how it will affect SEO and organic ranking positions has left webmasters quaking in their boots! However, these fluctuations are only natural with some websites increasing or decreasing as a result.

According to Google’s webmaster blog, one way to think about how updates function is to imagine a movie “list of the top 100 movies in 2015. A few years later in 2019, you refresh the list. It’s going to naturally change.”

Plus, with the ongoing adaptability of mobile search, this can be a major contribution towards enhancing user experience as now more than ever people are searching on the go.

But what does this core algorithm update mean and how can us little SEO professionals keep up against the Goliath that is Google?

More than a search engine

As mentioned, core updates are built with user value in mind, and by collecting information and important data from quality websites, google will become more of a curator of content and less of a search engine.

Be unique

Moving forward, the webmaster blog suggests a higher focus on producing original, reliable, and well-researched content to stand out of the crowd. Any other mentions from socials to reviews will also play an important role.

New links

It’s no surprise that new links appear after an update, with UGC and Sponsored (no- followed) links will become part of Google’s ranking factors in March 2020.

Even though these are not as significant as do-follow links when passing link juice, webmasters should start using these as early as possible.

So, keep an eye on your analytics and rankings over these next few days and look at your competitors to see how you can improve and keep up with the times!

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