Why social media advertising is perfect for your local business

Social media advertising has come on a long way since it began. When it first entered the lives of us digital professionals and business owners it was practically impossible to target accurately, it was rarely clicked and, in actual fact, was little more than a nuisance.

True, social advertising shows varying levels of accuracy and conversion on each channel but the possibilities are extremely exciting. The channels themselves had little choice but to advance the possibilities of social advertising given how tightly they had squeezed the organic algorithms so that it was worthwhile advertising (and very difficult for content to be visible without spend).

Of course there are huge, international brands using social media advertising to get their message out, but it is local businesses than can most use this type of advertising to their advantage.

Across LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram you are able to target individuals within your catchment area, doing certain jobs, working at certain companies, with specific skills, incomes, certain interests and at various life stages (parents to young children, home owners etc) and much much more.

The ability to be so specific makes this type of advertising precise enough to make it highly efficient for local businesses. You can send your message to people who exactly match your client profile without wasting time on those who don’t fit and aren’t in the right area to even buy your product or service. If your business is in Altrincham you might not want to waste your advertising budget on Susan in Chester. It’s only an hour away but it’s not where your key customers are located.

Social media advertising works best as part of an integrated marketing campaign, supporting organic social media content as well as carefully crafted onsite information and a well-put together website, reinforced by a tight technical SEO structure.

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