How to generate business leads from LinkedIn

LinkedIn is continuing to grow as a platform generating quality leads for businesses. In fact, research shows that 80% of social media B2B leads come from LinkedIn and 79% of B2B marketers found LinkedIn to be an effective platform for generating leads*. To up your networking skills and generate quality business leads from Linkedin, follow our expert tips below:


  • Keep things interesting – don’t just share an article


If you find a relevant article to your industry and would like to share it with your LinkedIn Network, don’t just share it. Take the URL from the article and created a unique post linking to it, with a comment in your own words. Try to imagine the sort of comment that would draw you in if you were the intended audience (keep it relevant to the article, don’t catfish anybody!).


  • Be inclusive – write for everyone not just your niche


In order to get engagement on your personal LinkedIn and not be the person who asks a question no one comments on (awkward …) write about general business topics rather than focusing specifically on your niche. If you keep your personal account for broader subjects then people are more likely to engage with you. This can also expand your network with more connections to drive back to your businsiness’ website.


  • Use #hashtags and tagging


Many people using LinkedIn don’t realise that they can use hashtags in similar ways to Instagram or Twitter. By using a few hashtags relevant to the topic you’re discussing in your post, you will expand its reach to cover people who usually wouldn’t see your posts – result!  Also make sure to tag in businesses (type @name..) and individuals that you mention in your posts to bring it to their attention.


  • Comment on all relevant posts


Without being that LinkedIn user (you know, the one who comments on EVERYTHING) if you see a post relevant to your industry comment on it! This means your name will be projected onto more people’s screens and will portray you as more of an expert in that field (depending on the comment of course). Another benefit of this is that it will further grow your network.


  • Start a discussion


LinkedIn is a great place to start a discussion, professionals from all over enjoy discussing ideas and news updates so take advantage of this by asking lots of questions. This increased engagement will not only keep your audience interested but also will boost the number of people who see your post, you might even go viral!


  • Stay relevant by talking about relevant issues


A quick tip to find out what the most talked about issues of the day are, is to look at what is trending on Twitter. If you can see that something relevant to your industry is trending, translate this over to LinkedIn and ask for your connections opinions on it. This is a great way to stay relevant and ensure your profile is up to date because no one wants to be irrelevant.


If you follow all our quality expert industry tips (stay humble) we can almost guarantee your business will generate more relevant business leads from LinkedIn to keep your boss happy.


JAW’s managing director, Wayne Berry, is a prolific LinkedIn user and says of the platform: “I’ve converted a significant number of leads from LinkedIn, however, fishing isn’t just about catching fish……LinkedIn is so much more than a sales platform. The business networking, relationship building, charity profiles, readily available free advice and help from experienced connections and inspiring stories can be invaluable for any business person. Don’t just look at LinkedIn as a sales tool, it’s an incredibly useful business community and resource if we use it correctly!”


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