How to create video content that brings in those dollar dollar bills y’all

At the end of the day you’re not creating content just for fun, sure you might have fun doing it but we all know your motives behind it are to bring in those dollar dollar bills y’all. While we can’t guarantee you’ll be making it rain $100 bills, like every rap music video ever, you can rest assured that these tips are based on years of experience and geared towards encouraging action from your audience. So sit back, strap in and feast your eyes on these video content top tips:

At JAW you might be able to tell that we LOVE video content – whether it’s a gif, drone footage, animation or a classic boomerang we cannot get enough of them. The beauty of video content is that it works for every audience, whether we’re talking to physicists, publicans or pet owners.  Videos are the quickest and easiest media to digest, meaning you can deliver your brand message in an instant. There are also many different types of video content, meaning no matter how niche your audience there’s a video type that will work.


Sliders are the simplest videos we produce for clients but they pack a punch harder than Deontay Wilder (too soon?). Whilst technically a video, they’re made up of still images or graphics, making them quick and easy to edit and produce. This form of video is ideal for making announcements or teasers as they tell your story clearly and simply, without over-complicating matters.

Drone videos

Not to blow our own trumpet, but we think this drone footage, shot to promote a £3 million mansion and its surroundings, turned out pretty spectacularly. Drone footage is perfect when you need to show the scale of a project – giving you a true birds eye view. Oh, and don’t worry, we’ve got a fully qualified drone pilot on the books to ensure a safe flight!


Expecting your staff to put on an oscar worthy performance in a corporate video can be quite an ask, and employing actors can add a cheese-factor to your video. The answer – an animated explainer is the perfect way to distill a process, product or service and their key benefits or tell your brand story, clearly and simply. Animation is one of our favourite ways to make the complicated well … less complicated.


To be honest GIFs are probably our favourite thing in the world (as you can probably tell from this blog alone), but as well as being fun, they could be extremely useful for your brand. GIFs are an informal way to modernise your social channels and can express sentiments or opinions when words just aren’t enough. We all know we can get GIFs of Britney being, well, an absolute boss, but did you know you can also create your own GIFs? At JAW, we love creating GIFs for our clients to add a bit of sparkle where Britney sadly isn’t appropriate.

Boomerangs and live content

You are not alone if the idea of posting live content feels daunting and while we understand this, it’s easier now than ever to post fun live content. This type of content is perfect for posting live coverage of any industry specific events, alternatively it can also be used to receive public feedback or even to post fun behind the scenes content that wouldn’t fit in with your permanent feed. The best way to post live content from our experience is on Instagram and Facebook stories or on your Twitter feed (as Twitter is so fast moving). Stories disappear after 24 hours so you can let them expire, or you can chose to make them a permanent story which people can view at any point. Go wild with filters, captions, polls and even music on your stories for maximum entertainment. 

Great content makes great engagement and our content team has the guts and the GIFs to increase your online reach.  If you’d like help to talk through social media training to help manage your strategy in-house or if you’d like help managing your full social media campaign then send us an email to or call us on: 0161 941 3469.