Hot Dog! Say hello to Madeleine – JAW’s new digital marketing executive

Hi, I’m Madeleine, and I’ve recently joined JAW Digital as the new digital marketing executive. So, let me tell you my story so far – From the moment a screen was put in front of me, I’ve always had a passion for media which continued throughout my A Levels in Media Studies, alongside English and History.

Later, I moved to Chester University to study English Literature, because reading one book was never enough for me! It was here I got the chance to do freelance work for Miynd, learning about web design, branding, content writing, and marketing. From then on, I was set on pursuing a career as a copywriter; putting my writing skills to the test in a creative and efficient way.

After fishing for work experience, I finally caught a bite at JAW Digital. To my surprise, I was a JAW-dropping success at the interview, with the skills and experience that have brought me here today!

My first week has been a whirlwind of learning all about JAW, it’s services, system software, with a big focus on how to create the best SEO, copy, and blog writing to make any business a success. The team and Wayne are all very helpful and fun, making me feel like part of the crew with some funky tunes to add. I am so excited to be working with them, whilst enhancing my skills further, and learning more about the digital marketing world.