Get your website up to speed with a CDN

Want a fast, efficient, and visible website? Then stop pointing fingers at the Wi-Fi every time the loading circle of death appears and look to improving your site speed with a little thing called CDN.

Websites are great for showcasing your brand to audiences far and wide, but when it comes to evaluating your business’s search presence online slowness is your Achilles heel and you can easily become part of ancient history in this modern, fast-paced digital world.

According to a report by Unbounce, nearly 70% of consumers admit that page speed influences their likeliness to buy. Whether you own an eCommerce, business, social media, or blogging site – all are responsible for persuading potential customers to purchase, read or use their services and products now, not later.

So, what is CDN and how can it fuel a sluggish snail of a site, into a fully optimised cheetah?

To summarise, a CDN (or Content Network Delivery) uses multiple servers to store static content such as images, videos, CSS, Javascript files and HTML pages. Then, the server closest to your location distributes it for minimal response time and to reduce the risk of a server overload or crash!

Besides this, CDN’s also possess many other major benefits for your site:

  • Boosts SEO

Loading speed is hugely important for SEO, as this influences different elements like bounce rate or page session duration – in short, the more visitors that stay on your site for longer, the better.

Recent algorithm updates like Google’s mobile-first indexing loves fast sites because it creates the ideal user experience when delivering content quickly. Plus, a faster page will help you to rank higher in the search engine results pages – giving your business even more recognition than you ever thought possible!

  • Improves security

You can’t put a physical lock on to your website, but you can use a CDN for an added layer of protection. It makes it harder for scammers to target the origin server when a DDoS attack occurs because of the way it distributes information, enabling your website to become more hackerproof against any threats.

  • Reduces resources

Bandwidth and web hosting costs can burn a hole in your wallet when traffic or RAM storage exceeds the limit. But with a CDN, data is kept between users and their servers, not your own. This cuts down on the amount of traffic transferred and therefore the amount of time taken to be delivered to the end user.

At JAW, we continue to make huge leaps and bounds with clients ensuring websites are responsive, fast, user-friendly and rich in content as part of our slick social lead generation model – MODLX – that delivers quality leads to your doorstep!

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