Data-driven marketing for ad campaign success

What makes an ad campaign successful?

We know a pretty picture and a few generic key words about your brand or product won’t cut it. One-size fits all messaging simply does not have the scope or engagement these days to deal with the specific demands of audiences – whose behaviour and user habits change like a chameleon camouflages its skin.

Targeting the right people with relevant, high-quality content and ad copy is a good start, but if you really want to step up your game and convert leads into loyal, genuine customers, then let data take the wheel and drive your ads full throttle!

Data-driven marketing has exploded within the digital world and for the 94% of social media advertisers using Facebook ads on a regular basis (followed by Instagram at 76%), it is an opportunity to optimise every aspect of the customer and client experience through personalised, actionable ad campaigns for a great RIO.

Sounds like an offer you can’t refuse right! But how does it benefit your organisation?

Keeping you on trend

Gathering different sorts of data on the fly can uncover surprising insights about your audience as trends and conversations evolve; allowing for more effective decision-making and creative strategies that are guaranteed to get you results.

By utilising data-driven marketing, you are able to tap into industry specific topics or hashtags that will help to influence your ad’s content and creative processes when it comes to making your brand POP against other competitors!

Tells you who your audience is

Every business knows that to gain customers, first you must get down to their level and understand who they are. Think of it in fishing terms. There’s no point of casting irrelevant and intrusive adverts out there in the hope of getting anyone hooked on to your brand.

Online analytical tools track and provide valuable information on audience demographics, interests and how they interact with your website and social media channels to further help increase the performance of the buying/sales process when reaching prospective customers or leads.

Remember, customer satisfaction is key with any ad campaign!

It is cost-effective

Budgeting your ad campaigns saves you time and money when using the right resources. Data-driven marketing brings value to your business in presenting clear and concise evidence of your marketing activities and achievements with acquisition, CPC, CTR, page views etc. – boosting profitability and making your marketing investments worthwhile. 

We have hopped aboard the data train at full speed for our clients, and with MODLX powering our digital locomotive down the railway track towards qualified leads and new business, the results say it all!

Take a look at our most recent case study for example. Previously, our luxury flooring client saw results come in as high as £53 for their their Facebook ad campaigns. Now, they’re gaining quality leads for as little as £6 per lead with us!

Using our own unique social listening tool that encompasses both Facebook and Google technologies, we ‘sense the mood’ of people surrounding your brand, find out which areas of your marketing are working (or in need of improvement) for higher conversion rates and in the end deliver qualified leads right to your doorstep.

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