Christmas Marketing Tips

Without a doubt, Christmas is a busy time for everyone – buying last minuet Christmas presents, eating as much turkey as possible, and listening to your uncle’s terrible jokes!

Plus, with the recent Black Friday transactions going up 7.2% more than last year, never has it been a more vital time for businesses to wrap up (pun-intended) their Christmas campaigns ahead for the holiday season.

But, there are still plenty of Christmas marketing opportunities for your brand to take advantage of to earn those extra brownie points in sales this December.

Tis the season to get festive  

Let’s face it, nobody wants to be a scrooge saying the old “Humbug” to Christmas, and neither should your business!

Updating your website with a Christmas banner, adding festive icons or edits to your logo, whilst including relevant keywords for your blogs, PPC campaign, and social media content are all beneficial to attracting new (and existing) customers through the visual identity of your brand.

This will not only increase the level of customer engagement, but your chances of ranking high on Google SERPs – a gift that will keep on giving.

Customer awareness

Of course, this would be futile without knowing who your customers are and reaching out to people with the latest offers, products, news etc.

The holidays are a time to put your reputation with customers to the test, and ensuring that you are aware of buying behaviours, customer experience, and connecting with your target audience to bring value and benefit to both sides.

Which leads to our next point!

Social media campaign

Christmas content is king during this festive season, and social media is your guiding star for existing and potential customers to follow.

Competitions, branded or festive hashtags, and sharing images are just some of the many ways to get customers involved. Plus, utilising social ads allows you to directly engage with your audience, but make sure they stay relevant and consistent with your overall brand!

It’s a quick, simple, and mobile way to promote new products or discounts with the sparkling appeal of Christmas to match, whether you are a cosmetic retailer promoting a limited-edition beauty set, or chocolate company enticing people with a new Christmas cranberry flavour.

Promotional gifts and vouchers

Free: A magical word that everybody loves to see or hear when it comes to buying Christmas presents.

Offering customers freebies will help you strike it rich in sales, and sustain your business’s reputation with loyal customers. This can be a 20% discount, personalised card, free shipping when ordering online, or 3 for 2 vouchers on specific products via email or given in store with every purchase.

These promotions are likely to expose people to your social posts, and hopefully in the long-run lead to a like or follow on your page for future deals post-Christmas.

So, whatever the nature of your businesses, jingle all the way with these helpful Christmas marketing tips and strategies for a very merry and profitable Christmas!

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