A new generation of social advertising – MODLX +

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s MODLX + and it’s here to save your social advertising!

Keeping up with the tech giants at Facebook and Apple has been like two bulls butting heads with each other recently, and guess who’s stuck in the middle of it all? Us marketers!

How has Apple’s update affected Facebook marketing?

Apple launched its newest iOS 14.5 features on April 26th  with App Tracking Transparency being one of the biggest changes. This has given users the freedom to opt in or out of consenting their data to be collected from third-party sites such as Facebook.

If users choose to deny access, then this limits Facebook’s ability to track and process user behaviour and conversion events via their pixels – hindering ad optimisation, targeting and reporting as a result.  

Now Facebook must change its pixel tracking in how it receives information. By implementing ‘Aggregated Event Measurement’ this will limit brands to pick only 8 valuable conversion events that align with their business goals.

MODLX + to the rescue!

At JAW Digital, we’ve seen for ourselves the asteroid-crashing-down-to-earth kind of impact this new iOS update has caused, even on our own social lead generation strategies. We’re always finding ways to get a lower cost-per-lead for our clients, which is why in response to this social dilemma, we’ve come up with a solution!

By understanding changes in the market, user behaviour, technological advancements, as well as listening to live trends, audience sentiment and demands, we’ve gone back to the drawing board and upgraded our social lead generation model.  

Ladies and gentleman, we bring you MODLX + .

What does the plus sign stand for you may ask? Not only are we able to produce ultra-relevant and highly engaging ads for your business, but in order to adapt to the protocols of Facebook marketing, this new social advertising model reaches further than ever before to maximise your campaign’s efforts.

Whether it’s a tailored eye-catching video or carousel ad to showcase multiple products or services in detail, determining the right type of content that reflects your brand with clearly defined objectives across Facebook, Instagram and Messenger is what we do best.

So, don’t lose your chance of gaining qualified leads with old school tactics.  The future is now, the future is MODLX + ! Talk to the lead generation experts at JAW today for more information. Call us on or drop us an email  and let’s take your social advertising up a notch!

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