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Crack the code – beating the algorithm

Engagement is dropping, organic traffic has decreased and followers are static – the 2019 social media algorithms are really impacting social media statistics *violins playing*. Naturally though I’m not here to be the bearer of bad news without offering a solution, so I’ve put together a short guide to cracking the social media algorithms Sherlock Holmes style.

First things first, I’m the realest

People like people. People are relatable, funny and naturally very human. That’s why the newest algorithm changes favour people and personal accounts over business accounts. This is of course an issue if you are trying to market your brand on social media, but before panic sets in there are two solutions which can be mixed up and combined for the ultimate algorithm cracker!

Solution one

The first solution would be to share all activity from your business accounts onto your personal accounts. For example, I might share this fire blog to my LinkedIn feed #NoShame. This is an effective way to get your post seen by your followers and adding a personal touch such as a caption or comment can really create a less corporate feel while simultaneously cracking the algorithms. The downside to this of course as every maths teacher ever told you, is that ‘people are lazy!’. This means that many people won’t bother to click from your personal account through to your business account which is where solution two comes in.

Solution two

Solution two involves bringing a more personal feel to your corporate social media pages. Since the algorithms respond better to personal accounts, use this to your advantage by showing off your internal teams and bringing some personality to the pages. I would recommend posts such as personal tips from individual named employees, personal blogs and behind the scenes footage, especially when visiting events. Basically bring a face to the company name and you can’t really go wrong.

You get a tip, you get a tip!

Remember that iconic Oprah meme where she’s all ‘you get a car, you get a car’, well unfortunately we can’t all afford to give cars away, but knowledge is power (and costs less than a car) so you can give a bit of that away.

By giving away short snippets of advice or tips, you can build trust with your audience and encourage engagement. The algorithms have been designed to ensure credible companies achieve status while spammy companies become less prominent on your feed. Let’s do the maths quickly:

Weekly tips + Personal tips from employees = Mega algorithm credibility and engagement

You ‘ad me at hello

Ooooh hello money vacuum, yes, surprise surprise, the new algorithms mean that the more money you spend on ads the more reach your posts get. With the old algorithms this was of course the case but now social ads are more of a deciding factor as to the traction your accounts receive. The amount of money, social media platforms and ad objectives are up to you but unfortunately you really do need them with the new algorithms.

Be your own paparazzi

Ok so your workmates probably won’t love you for this one, but they can suck it up because the new algorithms mean that videos and short clips are valued over static posts, templates and images, which means us tech heads have even more of an excuse to whip out our favourite video software to produce some Universal Studios approved content.

Alternatively of course, video footage doesn’t have to be complicated. Filming a quick behind the scenes, screen recording a how to video or sitting your workmates down (told you they would hate me) and filming a quick explainer video will have a positive impact too. If you don’t know where to start then give us a call, we can put together corporate animated videos for any industry, starting at £350.

Change is good

For my final algorithm tip I’m going to drag The Lion King into the mix to remind you that change is good (especially on social media). This means that taking advantage of everything social media has to offer is your best chance at mastering the algorithms. This makes sense when you think about it logically because social media platforms want users to utilise all their features and will reward those who do.

Below I’ve created a quick table of my favourite features on various social media channels that the new algorithms value – enjoy!

Instagram Facebook LinkedIn
Stories Live videos Creating a status asking a question
Live streams / IGTV Videos in the feed Posting articles
Videos / images in the feed Replying to comments and DMs Explainer / informative videos in the feed
Gifs both created and curated Tagging places, people or events Creating a relevant audience


Ok deep breath, you are now armed with all the latest algorithm changes to help you power through the social media abyss (might have been a bit dramatic there but you get the point). And hopefully if you don’t listen to me at least you will listen to The Lion King himself. If you would like any social media help or support on cracking the algorithms then give us a bell on 0161 941 3469 or drop us an email at hello@jawdigital.co.uk.

And with that young jedis … I’m out.