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Welcoming Rebecca – JAW’s new digital marketing executive

Who am I?

rebecca certificate

Hello everyone, I’m Rebecca, the new digital marketing executive for JAW Digital, I’ve been here two weeks and I’m about to spill all the secrets on what it’s really like to work here. But first, a little bit of background information about me, after finishing my A-Levels in Sociology, Photography and English, I moved on to university in Sussex to study Business Management, however after a year there I wanted more, so moved to America on a scholarship to study Social Media Marketing abroad, where I discovered a love for blogging, however after six months there I missed tea and crumpets so much, I just had to come home, which brings us up to date on where I am now, working at JAW.


My First Week –


A weekend after the recruitment process, I arrived at JAW at 9:05, with the embarrassment of knowing that I was five minutes late for my first day, I parked my car and ran in. After apologising for my lateness, I was informed that I was actually fifty-five minutes early, as I had mixed up the timing … I was off to a great start. However, once at my desk I was greeted with some party tunes courtesy of Julaine and I felt far more at ease.  


That day and the next couple of days were focused around my induction to the world of digital marketing, learning about all the software the experts use with Wayne, managing director, and how to create social media content with Julaine, marketing director. At first everything seemed very confusing but it quickly fell into place through several demonstrations, and after a very formal final exam with Wayne, where I was given three lives and five seconds to look up answers if I was stuck, I felt ready to begin.


After my induction I put what I had learned into practice, including the morning round-up. The round-up, is basically my opportunity to look up the daily goings on of the world, (essentially I am being paid to do something I would have done already, but don’t tell JAW that.) I then relate this content to the current clients and match appropriate captions to the stories for them to be posted on social media at a later date.


One of my main responsibilities here is SEO or search engine optimization, which I didn’t even know existed before JAW took me under their wings. I have learned all about using keywords and Google Analytics to boost websites to the first page of Google. This has given me a greater insight into the everyday internet, providing me with more knowledge of the ways companies at the top of the Google Search got there.


What Came Next –


I very quickly was invited to join client meetings, since JAW has a strict transparency policy I was shown all the behind the scenes action, including social media content strategies, marketing plans and potential client sales pitches. This rapidly made me feel like a member of the team and enabled me to see why so many clients have chosen to put their marketing in the hands of JAW Digital.


A few of my favourite tasks are those that have facilitated me to use my creative background, I particularly enjoyed creating a social media graphic for JAW’s own social media channels using software I had not used before. Another favourite was testing out a website that Brandon, JAW’s other digital marketing apprentice, had worked on. This really showed me the skill level I could reach at JAW within just a few months.


I also finished the Online Marketing Fundamentals course with Google, which JAW put me through. This taught me a lot of useful insights into both marketing and web design as well as reinforcing things that I had already learned in my induction here.


Looking to the Future –


I am very excited to continue working with JAW, I have been immediately welcomed and already feel like one of the team. I cannot wait to do more blogging and produce more social media content independently, as well as learning more SEO techniques and becoming more confident with everything I have learned so far. I won’t talk too much more now because I’m sure you will be hearing a lot more from me via social media.


So thanks and congratulations if you got this far and I hope to blog for  you more in the future, Rebecca.