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Working with JAW Digital – our work experience placement, reveals all!

kath hi

Hi, I’m Kathryn and I have just finished sitting my A-Levels at Loreto Grammar Sixth Form. I studied History, Sociology and Business and I am hoping to go to university to study History in September.  For the past two weeks, I have been doing work experience with JAW Digital to gain an insight into the world of Digital Marketing. As a social media and blogging fanatic, I’ve known for a couple of years now that I would like to work in the world of public relations and social media management. I therefore thought that it would be sensible to get some work experience before going to University so that I would know what to expect from a graduate job in this sector!


After thoroughly enjoying my short two days of work experience in February with JAW, I decided to come back and do a longer placement during my Summer break. My aim was to gain a better understanding of how agency digital marketing and public relations works and their relationships with their clients.


During my placement, I’ve learnt a lot about the importance of search engine optimisation and the use of keywords in order to ensure that a website ranks at the top of Google. I have also become more aware of the link between social media and website traffic, and gained a lot more knowledge about web design too.


Every morning, alongside Brandon, who is the digital marketing apprentice here at JAW, I have done a roundup where I searched for relevant news and topics to be discussed on the social media accounts that we manage for clients. I found this to be really insightful as it gave me a stronger understanding of how social accounts are managed and how content is planned.


One of the tasks I was given was to do blogger outreach which involves researching bloggers for our clients to work with; either for them to write about products or for blogs that we could host a guest post on. I particularly enjoyed this task as I am a blogger myself and therefore I loved browsing sites and social media looking for bloggers who would fit well with our clients’ demographic and audience.


I was also challenged to create a mockup of a new website design for JAW and so I carried out some market research to gain some inspiration. I looked at several PR and SEO agency’s websites to find trends and similarities, and I noticed the importance of originality. I learnt that the website should reflect the business and therefore I tried to create a fun yet professional design as despite taking their work very seriously, there is a lighthearted, lively atmosphere here at JAW.


During my time here I sat in two meetings with clients where SEO and social media approach was discussed. During the SEO meeting, I learnt about the importance of keywords and phrases in order to be ahead of competitors in searches as well as the contribution of regular social media posting and content to ensure that their position is maintained. In the second meeting, which focussed on social media, I learnt about how LinkedIn can be used as a marketing tool to engage contacts within the same industry in order to attract interest in the products that they sell even if the content is not a direct advertisement.


My placement with JAW has left me with even more determination to work in the Digital Marketing and PR world as I’ve genuinely enjoyed every minute! From blogger outreach to SEO, I’ve found it so interesting to see how JAW works with a diverse range of clients to ensure that they have a strategy that suits them and helps them to achieve the digital solutions that they need. Hopefully you’ll be hearing from me again in a few years after I’ve graduated but until then… Ciao!