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Being lucky enough to have some connections in the boxing and MMA worlds, JAW Digital has started to pick up some pretty exciting work that we will be showcasing later in 2017. We’re keen on working with more fighters and trainers across social media so are therefore making these organisations targets for 2017 and beyond.

Yesterday we put together a little guerrilla social media test campaign (Instagram), involving former heavyweight champion of the world Shannon “The Cannon” Briggs – LETS GO CHAMP!

We designed a simple meme in line with the type of content ‘The Champ’ turns out on his own Instagram (225k followers). We tagged him and others, used all the relevant hashtags in the boxing world and hoped that this would be picked up, shared, and would eventually drive ‘boxing world’ traffic back to our site.


  • Over 3300 likes so far
  • Countless shares
  • Climbing number of new followers
  • Brand awareness
  • Relevant traffic to our website
  • A mention from our intended target
  • Our work features heavily on the hashtag #LetsGoChamp on Instagram
  • Potentially lucrative project offer


Not only did this quick and easy campaign work, but the ‘The Champ’ himself has been in touch to discuss helping him with a series of online training and mentoring resources in the near future.

The key here was understanding our target and the audience of our target. It was important to get the tone of the content right and to understand which hashtags would likely be picked up best! There was also a little JAW Digital magic in there.

More importantly, this only took us half an hour to think up and create. We went with our gut, kept it simple and had some fun with it, and at the end of the day this is social media!

This is not the first time we’ve featured heavily on social media – we’ve seen lots of success for our clients too.