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Team Speight Motorsport, as sponsored by JAW Digital LTD, are the 2016 XR and XR2 Challenge champions, after an unbelievably dramatic final meeting at Oulton Park.

Here’s a quick recap of how it all unfolded from the very first race, with a link to the final, dramatic race to culminate:

Race Meet 1 28th March 2016 – Oulton Park
• Qualified 7th
• Race 1 – 7th
• Race 2 – 8th



With this being the first race of the season more needed doing with the car and the early problem of a cracked front brake disc was later remedied.

Race Meet 2 7th May 2016 – Oulton Park
• Qualified 1st
• Race 1 – 1st
• Race 2 – 1st


A perfect days racing for us with the car was performing flawlessly (great work Derek, team mechanic, who is 73 by the way). This brought us right into the championship and was our fearless driver Greg’s first double victory.

Race Meet 3 28th & 29th May 2016 – Angelesy Race Circuit
• Qualified 2nd
• Race 1 – 1st
• Race 2 – 1st
• Race 3 – 2nd


Another fantastic weekend of racing and team performance, on a track that is usually very unpredictable due to weather conditions. We felt a slight dip in performance from the car in the last race, so were unable to get the hatrick, however we came away very happy indeed.

The championship was now looking very possible!

Race Meet 4 6th August 2016 – Oulton Park
• Qualified 3rd
• Race 1 – 1st
• Race 2 – 6th



We were running in third for much of this race until the two cars in front collided letting us sneak through into first. It was now our race to lose as we managed to keep a safe gap between us and the rest of the field. Greg took the opportunity to play his joker before this race which meant double points, this turned out to be a great decision.

Race 2 would be very different, after leading for a good spell, a problem with the engine stopped us in our tracks and we limped around the rest of the race in the hope of picking up some points.

We’d had a mixed weekend.
Race Meet 5 24th & 25th September 2016 – Anglesey Race Circuit
• Qualified 5th
• Race 1 DNF
• Race 2 DNF
• Race 3 DNF


Although the team believed we’d fixed the problems with the car from the last race, we quite obviously hadn’t.  Not only did we only manage a few laps per race, but the car was constantly overheating and we couldn’t find the problem. Things were going from bad to worse.  We had just two weeks to find, fix and test, it was looking like we wouldn’t finish the season at all, heart breaking after such a great start.

We were now 2nd overall, with a damaged engine and a solid opponent in front of us.

Race Meet 6 8th October 2016 – Oulton Park


We believed we’d found the problem, fixed it as best we could and headed off to Oulton Park a day before the race meet to test the car.  The car was going well enough to compete so we submitted a very late entry.

• Qualified 1st

Race 1

So excited and tense, we made terrible start to the race by being a little over keen and getting too much wheel spin, this saw us drop to 4th overall and 3rd in class.  This is where we were to finish as we could not find a way past the car in front although we pressed him hard throughout the race.  The championship felt like it was slipping further way as we wondered where the current leader was…

He’d been caught up in an incident and would only manage a finish of 13th.
We couldn’t…….could we?

Race 2
We now needed to finish a minimum of 2nd and hope that the current leader, an experienced racer with a very well built car, would not finish the race at all. Highly unlikely, but this is the unpredictable world of motor racing.  The start of the race did not go to plan, we got a great start and pulled very slightly into the lead as we approached the first corner.  However we were on the outside of four cars all trying for the lead, it did not end well as we were nudged in the rear and flew into a spin across the track in front of the rest of the field.

We’re now on the grass, facing the wrong way, as the rest of the cars fly past.
Fortunately there was no further contact with anyone else and the car spun 360 degrees and we got going again a long way behind – but championship seemingly over.  On the second lap we started to catch and pass the back of the field.


We couldn’t believe it when we saw the championship leader pulling off the circuit with a slowing car – we’re now 14th. At this point we suddenly realised the championship was back on but only if we could make it through the field into second!

The next few laps were literally a blur with overtaking, seeing others crashed out and some pulling over with car troubles. Everything was falling into place.  On the last lap we eventually caught the second placed driver and passed them but still had another driver on our tail.  We completed the last lap finishing in second place, but what of the current leader, where was he, did he finish?

As the rest of the field came home it was obvious we’d won the championship by the skin of our teeth. What a day, what a feeling!!!!

Here’s the link to the final race live from the cockpit of the championship winning vehicle, we hope you enjoy it as much as we did.